Monday, May 26, 2008

A Birthday Ho-Down!

This past week has just been one big blurr starting with last Tuesday evening Steve's parents flying in from Washington. They came down for Becca's (my niece) high school graduation. We're fortunate enough to have them both stay at our house while they're here, and we love it...even though it means Emi giving up her bed to grammie and sleeping on mom and dad's floor and grandpa taking over Jeff's bed and he's sleeping on the floor -- it's a sacrifice none of us mind. Needless to say, we have a house full, but the more the merrier.

While here, Steve's dad celebrated his 70th birthday!!! And since he's a cowboy at heart, born in a log cabin and raised in Idaho on a ranch, we couldn't resist surprising him and taking him to RAWHIDE - a little made-up western town 20 minutes from my house. We started over there in the early afternoon and had a great time walking around -- there was even a little courthouse/jail where Barb and Phil renewed their marriage vows via a "shot gun wedding" (it was a hoot). Another highlight was coming across a country band playing - they welcomed kids to come up, grab some instruments they supplied (tambourines, fake guitars, etc.) and join the band. At one point, the band's drummer went on break, so Steve went up to fill in -- he helped play a little Elvis tune and sang some pretty good back-up. We were laughing sooo hard -- one of those moments you really have to see to appreciate (good thing I captured it on video). At early evening, a hayride came by and took us to the Sunset Cookout out in the desert. They supplied cowboy hats and bandannas -- the steak, ribs and bar-b-que chicken were awesome, and so was the entertainment, (marshmallow roast, bull-whip demonstration, music, skits, and line dancing). Hopefully, this was a birthday he'll never forget -- we created some wonderful memories!


Ken Curtis said...

Looks like a bunch of REDNECK's to me.

Holly said...

Looks like you had a honky tonky good time!! Sounds like such a fun place.