Friday, May 9, 2008

Current Obsessions

I saw this on a friends blog and thought it was a great idea...

Steve: Baseball! Whether its watching or listening to the D-Backs, coaching the girls softball team, or rooting (very loudly) for Jeff's team.

Teresa: Budgeting (I love it and yes, you could say obsessed), getting our cub scout troop organized, figuring out how to fit exercise into my life, and of course...blogging (not to mention frequently changing the template).

Jeff: Baseball, hanging out with his friends, and counting down until he's officially done with grade school!

Starr: Hanging out with her BFF, discovering she LOVES softball, and trying to find more "me time".

Emi: Meeting her AR (accelerated reading) goal for school, and playing her own version of "school" every day with all her stuffed animals.

Joseph: Man, I have to pry him off the Wii ever since he discovered the Mario Super Smash Brothers game. The word obsession is putting it lightly.

Joshua: Playing with Lego's, blocks, puzzles, getting pushed around in his favorite red car, and pulling out all of my silky clothes from my drawer and carry them around --silly kid just really likes the feel of them.

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