Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7th Grader Again....

Wow, I am just on a posting roll....what can I say. Today the Jr. High had a 7th grade Shadow A Student day since it was just a half day. My friends all told me this was one not to matter what my 13-year old said! In fact, Jeff wasn't even too thrilled when I told him I was going -- he just told me to "not embarrass him"... who does he think I am anyway, his dad? (kidding) Let me preface by saying, I am NOT a morning typically, since Jeff has A-hour Jazz band, Steve usually gets up early and makes sure he's ready and drives him to school on his way to work. So this morning, Steve and I traded places and I was up by 6am dressed and headed out the door by 6:45am with Jeff -- that in itself was amazing. And yesterday, I TRIED to talk Jeff into letting me come later in the morning, this was our conversation:
Mom: Do I really have to be at your A-hour class?
Jeff: Yes, mom. You need to get the whole experience and come to EVERY class with me.
Mom: Really, I couldn't just come after 3rd hour and get the entire experience?
Jeff: No mom. (I think he likes to torture me sometimes.)

Oh, the one great thing about A-Hour....ROCK STAR PARKING...we got an awesome spot.

And I tried to grab my camera on my way out the door -- but he wouldn't let me bring it. Imagine that.

Today was really was so much fun...and I had to pause and reflect upon my own Jr. High School days....all of which I can't remember. Honestly. I think we lived in Springfield, Missouri and then Oklahoma during that time. Really, I honestly blocked it out -- Not even a year book to look at. It must have been really bad. I hope my son has a better experience -- and from what I saw today...he has a great start!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a fun day with Jeff. My Lauren was begging me to go with Heather. They said they had a good time too. She tried to look more grown-up. Silly girl.

Kreanna said...

How fun!! What a great experience for both of you.