Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ward Campout!

We just returned last night from our annual ward campout, along with 26 other families (great turnout) where we went up to Mabbs Ranch -- a 2 1/2 hour drive up north. It was a beautiful wooded area -- and a nice cool reprieve from a HOT weekend in Mesa. Our high temp up at the ranch was in the 80's with lows in the 60's. ...ahhhh. We even ended up staying most of the day on Saturday since the kids were having so much fun. It was a good thing my ward didn't make me the official campout photographer, because I only took this ONE picture. Either I was having too much fun to use my camera, or I was too busy trying to keep track of my kids to use my decide.

Anyway, we all had the best time -- and for posterity sake, I thought I'd ask my family what particular thing they enjoyed most about the campout:

Jeff -- Learning how to loom (a type of knitting) ?? (Steve was a little mortified when he heard Jeff's answer.)

Starr -- Sleeping in a 2 man tent with Janae. (and getting 3 hours of sleep that had her completely crabby the next day!)

Emaree -- Playing with friends and catching caterpillars (Ugh...gross).

Joseph -- Meeting new friends and playing with them and doing that amazing race game which he emphasized made him VERY TIRED. (Yes, it made us ALL tired.)

Joshua -- Playing in the dirt and throwing rocks (like a true 2-year old). He was even quite a trooper when he was stung by a bee on the neck. Ouch.

Steve -- Being out in the forest (only second to sitting on a beach -- that comes next month).

Teresa -- Lovin' those cool temperatures and visiting with friends. Oh, and getting my weeks exercise from running in that amazing race (which we lost oh so badly).


Urie's said...

Im glad you all had such a great time. I enjoyed you blog entry. very creative. wanted more pictures! Im a picture girl what can I say.

Sean and Shari Tate said...

Hopefully you guys took good pictures on your disposable during the race....I'll get them back tomorrow!
Thanks for playing in the game every year and being such good sports!

Susan said...

It was great running behind you in the amazing race. By following your great example to each clue we were able to go on and steal the trophy away from the Stones!!! :)

MaryAnn said...

Sounds like you all had a great time - especially Emaree catching caterpillars!