Friday, September 26, 2008

Old Friends....

A friend of mine flew down from Minnesota on Wednesday -- this would be the 2nd time this year seeing each other -- amazing! Ann and I were friends at Ricks College (aka, BYU-Idaho) during the late 80's. We had the same major, so most of our classes were together, and we became fast friends. We stayed close friends the entire 2 years we were there -- she was one I could go to when my roommates were driving me crazy, and we'd hang out on the weekends. She even had classes with my Steve (he and I were dating at the time) -- so we were actually all friends. We even fulfilled a big dream of ours - which was to move to SLC together after Ricks, get jobs, and PLAY -- I lasted a summer and then decided SLC was NOT for me. Ann however, stayed, and that's when we parted ways...Mary Ann (currently in my ward) was her roommate at Ricks -- and it's thanks to her I was able to get reacquainted with Ann several years also. So now, since Mary Ann and I live so close to each other (we can see each other's houses), Ann's able to visit with both of us at once when she comes down.

We went out for Mexican...(opps...Ann is closing her eyes, should have had the waitress take ONE more shot - sorry, Ann)

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Ann said...

So much fun. Glad to see you again so soon. I'm home and it's chilly. I got used to the heat! Phil did some great things while I was gone and managed to have the house totally clean when I arrived. Love that guy.