Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

We made it through another exciting fun-filled Halloween. The evening was spent at our ward trunk-or-treat where the bishopric barbecued hot dogs for dinner. This ended early enough to allow the kids to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood also --- since you can't ever get ENOUGH candy!

Jeff dressed as a princess, Starr was a pirate, Joseph loved dressing as Spiderman, and Emi was an adorable black cat. Josh was another story....I tried 3 costumes on him, and each time he would kick and scream and try to pull it off. He then proceeded to pull me upstairs to Joseph's closet and pointed out to me a tropical theme Sponge Bob shirt he wanted to wear. OF COURSE! Needless to say, the 2 year old won!

We're never quite sure what costume Steve's going to throw on until right before we leave. And when the kids walk by to get their candy, he enjoys taking to them with a strange accent --- many of the small kids will avoid our trunk all together -- a little scared of him, I believe.

Joseph with is best friend, Reese.

Josh wasn't sure about this whole idea -- but soon "sweetened" up after the first couple of cars!

Steve, again! You put a wig on the guy and he really comes out of his shell! :)

And Steve's sister, Terri --- she and her daughter Jessica joined us for the fun!

The 2 "girls" .... actually Jeff and his good friend Jake.

The Newlyweds....Heidi and Bryce, aka....ASU fans....joined us also!

The best part, dumping out all the candy at home --- Josh thought he was in was HEAVEN!
Heidi and Bryce told the kids they were "quality control" to inspect the candy ...he he... having first pick of their own goodies....
...and the sugar high continues!!!!!


Heather said...

i remember dumping out the my candy too.-great pictures!

Lisa said...

Fun Pictures....Jeff was hysterical as a princess!

Anonymous said...

Jeff's costume cracked Tate up. And you painted Joseph so good! The smile on Josh's face with all the candy is priceless. And of course the girls we're so cute.

Barbara said...

It was so much fun to see these costumes...they are hilarious. My son continues the tradition of amazing me. It brought back happy memories of the Halloween we spent with you.