Thursday, November 20, 2008

Joseph's Big 6!!

It's so much more fun to write about happy occasions....especially when it entails a certain adorable blond haired little boy turning the big 6 years old today! This kid knew exactly what he wanted -- from the types of gifts to how he wanted to celebrate. I love a kid who can make a decision -- no wishy washy stuff going on here.

And since my young mother journal writing ambition has gone by the wayside, I need to take a moment to record the things I love so much about my little Joseph (these reminders are good to look back on...if ya know what I mean).

**He plays sooo well with ALL of my kids -- from Jeff down to Josh. He just gets along with everyone!

**I really was disappointed when I found they had FULL day kindergarten --- he's so much fun to have at home -- not to mention great entertainment for Josh, but really --- I miss him!

**Soooo loving -- loves to give me TONS of hugs and kisses. Big time "mommy's boy" and I love it!
**No kid loves monkeys and the color orange more than this one, which makes him so unique -- not just a passing's been a couple of years now.
We love you, light up our lives....happy birthday, buddy!


Barbara said...

Joseph looks like he has grown since September! What a handsome lad he is.

Urie's said...

He is so cute. We love joseph too. Its so hard to believe he is six already. what a great kid!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! Thanks for being such a good example to others by trying to always Choose the Right. Sis. Pulsipher

Sugar said...

Wow Joseph, your so growing so fast. And I love your cup cake tower, I need to get me one of those. Can't wait to see you soon. Love Aunt Crystal

Mike said...

Happy birthday Joseph from the great state of Washington and the Perrys.

mpal said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful!