Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Parade??

I know it already....my kids have been deprived. They have spent their whole entire short lives without ever going to a parade. Yes, even a Disney parade. I guess that's what happens when you live in a large city --- we hate to deal with the crowds and fight the traffic, so we watch on them TV. This ended today when Steve (who is serving as Assist. Scout Master) took his troop to participate in Mesa's Veteran's Day Parade -- they had the honor of marching in a group of around 185 scouts holding the picture and story of a fallen soldier from Arizona. Steve said it was so wonderful to hear the hush go across the crowd as they would pass and most would stand up to show respect.

These are the boys in our Troop 217 - what a great experience for these boys. Jeff is the one wearing blue basketball shorts -- when they told the boys they only needed to wear their scout shirts, he took it seriously. Nothing like comfort -- I'll catch that one next time.

My girls were making themselves comfortable. The weather was gorgeous...can't beat those 70's! And they were especially impressed with all the candy that was thrown. They all did pretty well for a 2 hour - lots of marching - type of parade. What a great way to spend Veteran's Day -- honoring those military persons who serve us and those who have served us so well!


Ann said...

That's cool. . . wonder why they don't do that here. Oh I know. . . because there is usually snow this time of year. . . and yesterday was yucky weather. Very jealous of the 70's there.

Stacey said...

Awesome! Welcome to the crowd of parade goers. Those banners are wonderful. Your troop did a great job!

mpal said...

Love Parades! That's why Mike and I got married on Veteran's Day so we could always have a parade to go to. jk - I love that they still do the parade and honor all that do and have served us. It's so important for our children to understand and for us to remember.

Urie's said...

I love a parade. It is even more fun to get the CANDY.