Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another birthday...done!

Wow, I can honestly say, I'm tired of putting on birthday parties. Now I know how my mom felt while I was growing up with 3 of us kids having birthdays in December. Anyway, we celebrated Steve's birthday yesterday -- and no, he DIDN'T have ONE meltdown the whole day telling me he didn't fell special. He did, however, mention to me that he appreciated all the phone calls he received during the day of those wishing him a happy birthday.

It was just a normal working day for Steve - the girls had a softball game he was coaching at 6pm so immediately after the game ended, Steve's sister, Terri, his 2 neices and I brought down a large cake and some balloons and we all sang happy birthday to him along with his team and families. It was fun to surprise him, although it was beginning to get dark, cool, and the wind was really picking up - which caused us to move through the party quickly.

Doesn't he look cute in "pink"...actually, it's called "coral". And he wasn't thrilled when he first saw it, but I think he was very grateful for the "coral" color after a couple of weeks when he saw some teams and their coaches in baby pink and pretty lavendar.

In this picture you can kinda see how windy it was...ugh...

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Ann said...

Steve looks so manly in the pink shirt!! I love reading your blog. Check mine out. Not as good as yours but I'm a beginner.