Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update on Joshua

My sweetie, Joshua, went in for his 2 year well check-up at his pediatrician office on Friday. So, we just found out he's 33 inches tall (10th percentile for his height) and 23 pounds (5 percentile for weight). Basically, he hasn't grown or gained any weight during the past 6 months. The doc didn't seem concerned, just commented he's probably just going to be a little guy. Both of my two sisters with kids each have a "little guy" so I guess it's my turn. However, Steve's convinced he'll still hit a growth spurt one of these days and catch up to a more "average" height and weight. Time will tell.

Also, due to Joshua's speech delay, we have a therapist coming to our home to work with him (and teach me) once a week for an hour. We had our first visit on Wednesday - and boy did she give us lots of homework. I've been trying harder to be more consistent with teaching him some signs (starting with the words: eat, drink, and more) and I try to remind and teach the kids also, but Joshua has that "I don't care" attitude. Seriously, if a 2 year-old could roll his eyes at me, he would! I asked her how long it takes for a child to pick up the sign language, and she said it depends on the child and how quickly he wanted to communicate, and that children who are desperately wanting to communicate will pick it up in only a couple of days -- well, he must not care...and his laid back personality doesn't help, cuz I think this is going to go on FOREVER! Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up already, in fact, I'm determined to help him -- and I'll start the list to the right of my blog again that shows the words he's now saying and with any luck, we'll start seeing some good progress. Hopefully, I'll read back on this blog in another year and realize how far we've come. Here we go.....

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Ann said...

I bet he will catch up soon. Kyson, our youngest didn't need to talk, everyone knew what he wanted without a word. We did teach him "all done" and "more" in sign language and that was helpful. In fact his Nursery teachers called his language Kysoneez. He did eventually talk, and now he won't be quiet. Happens a lot with youngest children, I think. Hang in here, one day he will just spew out a huge sentence and surprise all of you!