Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lovin' those Diamondbacks!

My family loves watching the Arizona Diamondbacks...we're huge fans! Yep, even me. I first started to really watch them when I was pregnant with Joseph 6 years ago - it was summer... hot, boring, miserable, so I would lay on the couch - under the a/c vent - and watch the games with Steve. I've been hooked ever since. We watch most of the games on TV during the season, and are fortunate enough to go to several home games at Chase Field in Phoenix. Last month, Steve's work reserved a large group of seats for their employees and families for last nights game against the Giants. My family has been looking forward to going to OUR OWN first game of the season since we got tickets, however, our 2 biggest fans are STILL sick. And let me tell you, Jeff and Steve must have really been sick to miss out on this. At the last minute, we grabbed Starr's BF Janae and my niece, Jessica to come with us. Except for Joseph, it would have been a girls night out! We had a good time -- we ended up sitting right behind Steve's boss and his family, so I tried to keep my kids on their best behavior... however, they ended up leaving around the 6th inning and let me tell you --- that's when the peanuts started flying! From the 6th inning until we left (after the 8th), we could contain ourselves no longer and got in a "food fight" (mainly with peanuts) with our group of R & K Employees. Hopefully, Steve won't get in too much trouble for his families behavior when he gets back to work from STILL being sick. (Yep, he's home again today, poor guy.)

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