Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Trip to the Worlds Fair...

When our friend, Mark, came to visit us last last month, he commented I wasn't posting on my blog enough -- so here I go again boring you with more details of my life!

Jeff has been working so hard on his Worlds Fair project. Each 6th grade student picks a country, researches it to death, makes a poster with all sorts of facts, etc., and then the students line up with their displays and artifacts in the hallway while the parents walk by and ask them questions. Out of probably close to 150 students, Jeff was the only one who chose to research Colombia - and he did an awesome job. Of course, his dad served a mission there, so he was TONS of help. Most of the kids served something from their country to sample, such as meatballs from Italy or chocolate from Sweden. Steve thought since Jeff's country was Colombia, he should put some powered sugar on mirrors with razor blades and straws...but we really didn't want him expelled from school with only 3 weeks remaining. As an alternative, Steve made some agua de panela for everyone to sample. What? You don't know what panela is? It's a baked sugarcane loaf dissolved in boiled in water and then cooled to drink. Basically, sugar water -- and who doesn't love that? Just add carbonated water and it's soda pop, right?

And as a side note, just picked the first red tomato from my garden yesterday. Yep, it's that time of year! Gotta love it -- at least until July!

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Kreanna said...

Looks like Jeff did a great job! And I bet Steve was a HUGE help! Yay for missions!! Oh, and that tomato looks YUMMY! Can't wait to be able to have some fresh veggies this summer---maybe it will quit snowing by then! :P