Monday, April 28, 2008

We Survived!

Yep, we survived a hugely busy crazy weekend. And it is with a cheerful heart, I announce to you that EVERYONE IS AT SCHOOL AND WORK THIS MORNING! I may regain my sanity, afterall. Jeff, however, probably should be home, but has the "Worlds Fair" tonight at school - it's a HUGE project he's been working on for school this past month and really needs to be at school today, inspite of what we think is an ear infection. He's a trooper and even gave his first talk at church yesterday not feeling great. All in all, we had a buzy weekend filled with Jeff's Scout Camporee, his baseball game, Sunsplash (EVERYONE WENT!), homework, and had a stinkin' good time hanging out at Mignon's last night.


Ann said...

So I spoke too soon. Two of my kids are sick! I really thought we had escaped it this year. . . but no. Glad you all survived and are doing well. Sounds pretty much like what you all had.
Oh, and I loved visiting you guys in AZ. It was a blast. It was almost scary how well the guys hit it off, but that was GREAT. We will have to come again.

Steve & Teresa Hartman said...

Ann, if it's what we all had, you're in for a long week! Sorry to hear. Thanks for not being too shy to comment on my posts -- unlike the rest of my family and friends...hint hint, guys!
And yes, come visit again soon!