Friday, April 25, 2008

Sickie Update!

Who's still "under the weather" at my house? Well, WHO'S NOT?'s a long one, folks...and making me a little nuts. It seems everyone so far starts out with a fever and then coughing and then it kicks them in the butt for a while with little appetite, headache, light-headedness and little energy -- could this be some type of flu virus? Girls are good (We must have awesome immune systems!) Starr had this same virus, but was only down for 3 days (which is good). Jeff has been battling it for 7 days now and is just FINALLY starting to feel better today - it seems to come and go with him. Steve is still home from work (he's been home all week -- good thing he hasn't used much sick time in 10 years). He says he feels a tiny bit better each day. And Josh had a fever Tuesday night and seems to have a touch of this. We have Steve's work party tomorrow (they reserve an entire water park -- SUNSPLASH -- with miniature golf and go carts)'s a private party - closed to the public and one my kids look forward to all year. Dang...Steve's already leaning towards not going --- we'll miss him!

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Ann said...

Yuck, I can't believe everyone has been sick for so long. Maybe it's the warm weather. It's so cold here it kills all the germs:) And if you want to remember was 34 feels like, visit anytime in the winter, although the fall is the best time.