Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just a Bunch of Sickies...

My kids had the day off from school yesterday ...they called it a "spring holiday," and my kids decided to spend their fun, long-anticipated, 3-day weekend SICK. Everyone but Joseph and myself seem to be either running fevers, coughing, achy, and have stomach issues. Yesterday, they all spent the day laying around sleeping and watching movies most of the day. But hey, my kitchen has stayed clean and I haven't really had to cook for anyone since they are all nauseated - that's my only positive note. It's probably all that partying and birthday cake that has brought this on. (he he) Let's just hope they feel better soon -


Steve & Teresa Hartman said...

I didn't want to put this in my permanent post, but I have to say that given the choice of taking care of 5 sick children or 1 sick husband, give me the kids ANYDAY!! Ugh...I'm ready to go crazy!!!

B. Hartman said...

Teresa, dear, I think it goes back to how the man's mom treated him when he was sick as a boy. So, we will just blame her for the whole thing. Remember his mom was there once when he was sick and you were rolling your eyes as she hurried up and down the stairs. It was pretty ridiculous. You are an amazing woman and well loved.
Especially by me,
Steven's Mom